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Air Filter For Toyota Corolla Axio, Feilder, Allion, Premio, Prius, Alpha, Aqua

What is Car Air Filter?

Air Filter For Toyota Corolla Axio, Feilder, Allion, Premio, Prius, alpha, Aqua: An air filter in car is another important part of engines’ intake systems. Just as humans need oxygen to breathe; a car needs oxygen for the combustion process. The air filter prevents any insects, dust, particles, sand or debris reaching the engine and ensures a good mixture of air and fuel to support performance. Car air filters come in different shapes: circular, rectangular or cylindrical. They are made of a pleated material which filters the air and may be made of cotton, synthetic paper or foam.

The car air filter is a Element used to remove dust particles from the air entering the vehicle’s Engine. This is done by passing the air through a series of filters. This helps to maintain the cleanliness of the engine of the car. The air filter is usually located at the front of the engine compartment. Air filter is connected to the intake manifold through a tube called the air cleaner duct. The air filter is designed to trap dirt and dust particles before they enter the engine. 

Air Filter For Toyota Corolla Axio, Feilder, Allion, Premio, Prius, alpha, Aqua:
Air Filter For Toyota Corolla Axio, Feilder, Allion, Premio, Prius, Alpha, Aqua
Air Filter For Toyota Corolla Axio, Feilder, Allion, Premio, Prius, alpha, Aqua:
Air Filter For Toyota Corolla Axio, Feilder, Allion, Premio, Prius, Alpha, Aqua

Our Product Features:

  • Premium dust holder provides dust-free air to the engine
  • Triple-layer filter guarantees up to 99% filtering capacity
  • Longer operation life ensures up to 6,000 km protection of your vehicle.
  • Provides high airflow rate and Increases engine performances
  • Verified and patented air filters, With high mechanical stability
  • Provides optimum composition of fuel-air ratio

Premium Car Air Filter Price in Bangladesh

Air Filter For Toyota Corolla Axio, Feilder, Allion, Premio, Prius, alpha, Aqua:

A car air filter costs around BDT 380 to BDT 850, depending upon its size. There are two types of air filters: 1. disposable and, 2. reusable. Disposable filters are inexpensive but they only last a few months before they need replacing. Reusable filters are much more expensive but they last longer. They are usually made of pleated paper or foam. A good quality filter should be replaced at least once per year. The disposable type of air filter is cheap but does not last long. On the other hand, the reusable type of air filter lasts longer and is more expensive. However, it requires frequent replacement. Our air filter price starts from BDT 380 to BDT 850.

Folder Auto Premium Car Air Filter, Air Filter For Toyota Corolla Axio, Feilder, Allion, Premio, Prius, alpha, Aqua:

Toyota OEM Premium Car Air Filter List

  1. Folder-17801-21030 (17801-0M010, 17801-0Y010, V9112-0024, AY12-0TY043).
  2. Folder-17801-22020 (17801-00010, 17801-0D011, 17801-0D030, 17801-OD010, 17801-OD020).
  3. Folder-17801-21050 (17801-0D060, 17801-0D090, 17801-0M020, 17801-0T020)
  4. Folder-17801-21060 (17801-0M030, 17801-0M040, 17801-0T090)
  5. Folder-17801-37020 (17801-0T050, 17801-0T040, AY120-TY089)
  6. Folder-17801-37021 (17801-37020, 17801-0T050, 17801-0T040, AY120-TY089)
  7. Folder-17801-30060 (AY120TY092, V91120038)
  8. Folder-17801-30070 (17801-30070)
  9. Folder-17801-54100 (17801-31040, 17801-54040, 17801-54110, 17801-75010, V9112-2003).
How to Clean Car Air Filter

The first step to cleaning your car’s air filter is to locate it. Most modern cars have two air filters located at the front of the engine compartment. One is located above the radiator, while the other is located below the radiator. To clean the air filter, follow these steps:

  • Remove the air filter cover
  • Use compressed air to blow out any debris trapped in the air filter.
  • Replace the air filter cover
  • Turn off the ignition switch
  • Start the engine
  • Wait until the engine cools down
  • Check the air filter for clogs
  • If necessary, replace the air filter
How Often Should I Change My Car Air Filter?

You must replace your car’s air filter every 1000 miles. Most of the time it depends on various factors:

Car Air Conditioner

An air conditioning unit cools down the interior of a vehicle by circulating cold air around the inside of the vehicle. The air conditioning unit consists of a compressor, condenser coil, expansion valve, evaporator coil, fan, and blower motor. The compressor compresses refrigerant gas into a liquid state. The condenser coils transfer heat from the compressed refrigerant to the surrounding air. The expanded refrigerant travels through the expansion valve where it becomes cooler and then enters the evaporator coil.

Car Heater

A car heater is a heating element placed in the passenger compartment of a vehicle. It heats up the air in the vehicle’s cabin. Heaters are typically powered by electricity, but some vehicles have electric heaters installed instead. Electric heaters work well when the outside temperature is below freezing. However, they may not work properly during extremely hot weather. Gasoline heaters are cheaper than electric heaters, but they require frequent refueling.

Car Stereo

A car stereo is a combination radio/CD player that is installed in a vehicle. Stereos are available as aftermarket add-ons or factory options. Aftermarket stereos are generally less expensive than factory stereos. Factory stereos are usually standard equipment in new cars.

What Does a Car Engine Air Filter Do?

Engine air filter might not be the first thing that comes to a person’s mind when you talk about machines but it plays a vital part in keeping your car healthy.

All energy-burning machines bear a constant force of air in order to serve duly. Air pollutants clean the air before it’s passed through to the cylinders to help dust, dirt, fortitude, and other debris from causing any damage.

To put it in perspective, you can compare an air filter with your nose as it filters out foreign patches before the air reaches your lungs, icing that the respiratory system can serve duly. If you have an electric car, then you don’t need an air filter.

How Frequently Should A Car Air Filter Be Changed?

There’s no simple answer as to how frequently a car air filter should be changed. It depends on a number of factors, similar to how numerous long hauls the vehicle has been driven and the terrain it’s driven in.

Vehicles driven in pastoral or fine areas may need air sludge relief more frequently. Alternately, a sludge that’s more suited to particularly fine areas can be bought.

Benefits of a Clean Car Air Filter

For better performance and efficiency a clean air filter improves the quality and volume of clean air entering the machine, and this improves the machine’s performance and effectiveness. Dirty air pollutants won’t allow the same quantum of air to enter the machine as a clean bone would. Studies have shown that energy frugality can be bettered by over 14 percent with a clean air filter.

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